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Our portable exchange unit is STILL the BEST soft water conditioning unit among all leading competitors! LEARN MORE


Please read our study on the benefits of Softened water by our Parent company Rayne Water Conditioning. LEARN MORE


Learn more about the Boyett family about how deep soft water runs through their family veins for 40 years. LEARN MORE

Realizing the Potentials

Hard water is more than an irritation the we put up with on a daily basis, it is water that carries heavy minerals that cling and deteriorate things they touch. Realize the potenials of soft water! Spending the money to soften the water is worth it, because of the benefits of soft water reap so much more than cleaner dishes and longer lasting clothing, soft water will enhance your health.

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If you are a believer in soft water systems, refer a friend or family member and earn $50. We can’t reach everyone ourselves, although we’re trying, it profits to help us spread the word!


  • Locally owned and operated
  • Soft water treatment tanks AZ made
  • We personally guarantee satisfaction
  • Our Company was founded in 1966
  • Soft Water promotes smoother skin and hair
  • Reduces chlorine taste and water
  • System star-up is only $75
  • Monthly rentals are only $30 per month
  • Portable RF Systems help save money
  • 5 year replacement of resin tank at NO COST
  • Refer a friend or family member and earn $50